Save Your Relationship Before It Sinks!

The title itself is catchy; it made me wonder how someone will be able to save something when you do not know how it operates, until I attended the workshop. I was greeted by a nice-looking gentleman, whom I had no idea will be the one to teach me about what seemed a bit complicated for my humble mind.
Rani Bitar, a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator from several institutions, was the one to dissolve the rough ship steel into magic.
The 9 hours spent on Saturday, 30th of March at Riviera Resort went very fast we barely felt the time weight. By “We”, I am also referring to the 30 other attendees who totally shared the same interest and excitement about the discussed topics.
Rani took us on a journey on board of his knowledge ship through which we dived into a sea of mesmerizing pearls. We then realized how much of superficial humans we are. Rani took us back to the times where “Love” first immerged into the life of our ancestors. He “enlightened” our brains with the real meaning of a “Soulmate” to live in a healthy relationship with the right partner. In order to figure this out, we had to dig deeper into ourselves and discover who are we, our history as children, our culture, values, believes, education, how we perceive the opposite sex and how we get what we want. He tackled the 6 human needs, the principles of Happiness, the purpose of our existence, our vision in a relationship (AKA 4P’s) and how we can turn our barriers into opportunities.
He, as well, gave us some safety instructions on body language, tone of voice and nostalgia that may turn on the “relationship toxicity” sirens.
As attendees, we cherished the opportunity Coach Rani gave us by organizing such workshop, and I personally consider it a very important step as the Lebanese community is witnessing high rates of divorce due to the lack of relationship education received by the subjects. Coach Rani tackles every aspect we may encounter through our lives and diagnoses the roots to flourish organically.
Lama Abou Ismail